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A lot of things we do in organisations make a great deal of sense as long as you don’t think about them. But it is when you think about them that you see the consequences…

— Peter Scholtes

Purpose & Principles


My philosophy is about advancing and instilling the economic and societal benefits of excellent customer service. Good service reduces costs and improves staff morale.


To achieve this change requires resetting the way leaders think about how they design, manage and improve the way their organisations operate and the way in which they think about their employees.



Five Principles underpin my work:




The current problem is that too many service organisations across all sectors of the economy fail to deliver effective customer service which paradoxically leads to higher costs.


Consequently, the purpose of my business is to “assist organisations across private, public and voluntary sectors improve customer service through development in their capability to understand demand, create value and reduce costs”.


Understand customer demand

Humanise data analysis

Manage customer value

Think purpose and process

Systems inform behaviour

Understand demand before attempting to manage it

Think about the customer perspective when using data

Doing only work that matters to customers removes cost

Systems and process determine service and cost efficacy

Organisational actions determine customer responses

Understand demand, create value, reduce cost

Hamish Dibley, Director

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