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Get close to your customers – how well are your systems and processes designed to work for customers? You need to see and run your organisation from a customer perspective.

— Mark Mullen

About Dibley Consulting


Hamish Dibley is Director of his own management consultancy whose focus is on organisational change and performance improvement across service organisations. The aim of the business is to help organisations improve service to customers by understanding demand, creating value and reducing cost.






Achieving this holy-grail requires a willingness to think differently and research how organisations perform before planning to improve or taking out cost.  Thinking differently entails the development of a front-to-back perspective to successfully manage organisations and achieve sustainable change.


Too often organisations fail to understand customer demand. Consequently they provide services which are not designed around customers and don’t work well. When they seek to change things they make assumptions which typically results in worse service, higher costs and poor staff morale.


Front-to-Back Thinking ™ is about developing insight on any business from the customers’ perspective. Good customer service always pays and never costs. Poor service is a direct result of poor organisational thinking. Understanding the customer perspective is paramount.

Understand demand, create value, reduce cost

Hamish Dibley, Director

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